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Whole Body Cardiac CT

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Whole Body Cardiac CT

Whole Body Cardiac CT

Full-body CT scans allow a transparent view of the body. For polytrauma patients, aggressive use of full-body CT scanning improves early diagnosis of injury and improves survival rates, [1] with widespread adoption of the technique seen worldwide.[2] Full-body CT scans are not indicated in patients with minor or single system trauma, and should be avoided in such patients.[1]

Many possible malignancies are discovered with a full-body scan, but these are almost always benign.[3][4] These may not be related to any disease, and may be benign growths, scar tissue, or the remnants of previous infections. CT scanning for other reasons sometimes identifies these "incidentalomas".

However, the significance of radiation exposure as well as costs associated with these studies must be considered, especially in patients with low energy mechanisms of injury and absent physical examination findings consistent with major trauma.

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